Image of Ceiling Suspension System & Partitions

  Ceiling Suspension Systems & Partitions are considered as an important substitution of ordinary ceiling which is widely used in different locations either indoor or outdoor. Through the last 30 years Ceiling Systems are going under a lot of improvements and developments year after another depending on the place of usage and the way it is assembled.

  Perforated and plain metal tiles in both standard and custom made sizes are available for both concealed and a variety of exposed grid suspension systems. TMI offers the virtue of access with the clean, crisp appearance that a metal ceiling provides. TMI guarantee you a unique product that can easily fit into your expectations.

  The Ceiling Suspension Systems & Partitions manufactured by TMI are Concealed, Exposed, Open Cell, Ceiling Strip Systems, Pipe Ceiling, Mesh Ceiling and Partitions. TMI added new production ceiling lines systems to make sure that we meet our clients expectations by offering a wide range of choices with the highest standards and the best quality, our items conform to British (BS) and American (ASTM) standards in all stages of manufacturing.

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