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  TMI has been supplying mesh and wire products since 1997. We have exported our products throughout the Gulf Region, Middle East and Africa, and are renowned for our service and quality. When you call TMI, you become our number one priority. Whether your requirements are large or small, our experienced staff members are committed to meeting your needs accurately and efficiently.

  Expanded metal is a mesh formed from a single piece sheet metal. That sheet of solid metal is slit and stretched with each stroke of a die which forms a raised diamond pattern. The pattern varies by gauge and type of material and the size of the diamond. The meshes can be pressure rolled into a flat condition so that the strands are in the same plane as the sheet.

  The Expanded Mesh & Metal Products manufactured by TMI are Metal Beads, Plaster / Stucco Screeds, Metal Lath, Heavy Rib, Heavy Duty Expanded Mesh, Block Work Reinforcement & Ties, Lintel, Drywall Plaster Beads & Channels and Pullout Box.

  Expanded Mesh & Metal Products are mainly used for reinforcement purposes and plaster embracing in addition to giving better finishing and stronger edges which increases the life time of any building.

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